Caregiver Training

This curriculum is based on the tasks required for Care giving at various home, workplaces such as Day care centers, Children Homes/Orphanages, Elderly Homes, Private Homes, Hospital/Health Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, and Private Care Centers in the country and abroad.

This curriculum consists of five subjects (1) Environment, Health and Sanitation (2) Nutrition, (3) Emergency and First Aid, (4) Hygienic Care and (5) Maternal and Child Care.The duration of particular subject will be as mentioned in the course structure. There will be demonstration by instructors/trainers and the opportunity to practice the skills/tasks, included in this curriculum, by the trainees. Trainees will practice & learn skills using typical tools, equipment, machines, and materials necessary for the program.

The aim of the curricular program is to produce and supply competent Caregivers equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for care giving activities so as to fulfill the need of such human resources in the country.


After the completion of program trainees will be able to:

1. Create safe, healthy and stimulating in home/ workplace environment.
2. Provide care on common human diseases
3. Provide nutritional services to the client’s
4. Respond to work place emergencies that needs medical help
5. Carry out first aid services
6. Apply comfort measures for the client’s
7. Provide hygienic care services to the client’s
8. Monitor the well-being of the client’s
9. Carry out maternal and child care services